10 Problems only introverts will understand:


  1. The mind conversations: I can’t be the only one who has an entire script of conversation ready for the day I am going to meet Brad Pitt, right? We have more conversations in our heads than in real life because that’s the way we like it.


  1. The horror of phone calls: Yes, picking up the phone to make a call takes seven prayers and half an hour of hyperventilation for some of us. Calling the customer care service or even the pizza delivery is scary, okay? Okay.


  1. The want in but want out situation: When you want to cut all ties with civilization but cannot cut yourself out of the internet because you just need to watch those prank videos.


  1. The non-insomniac owl: We don’t stay up all night because we cannot sleep but because we choose not to. When else can we be absolutely alone and be undisturbed by mere mortals?


  1. The weirdo: When you tell people that you would like to do something by yourselves and the awkward look they give you as if you are the strange one. Sorry but not so sorry.


  1. The low battery: When you are spending a great day “socializing” but suddenly all you want to do is go home, put on your baggy clothes and hide inside your blanket. We just need to recharge a bit, it just takes 2 weeks or so.


  1. The monster called “small talk”: Let’s get this straight. Do not small talk with us, it’s horrible. Indulge in deeper conversations that doesn’t require the constant struggle to find a new question. It’s easier and more fun.


  1. The over excited friend: Every introvert has that one friend who is always so filled with energy that it drains them out of theirs and the word “no” does not even exist in their vocabulary. If they say you need to hang out today, you have to, there is no escape, just brace yourself.


  1. The permanent “sad face”: When you have to explain to the over concerned people that you aren’t sad and this is just how you look when you are lost inside your head’s labyrinth of imaginations.


  1. The fix-yourself: First, being an introvert isn’t even a problem. So, we do not have to fix ourselves to match everyone else’s standards. Second, we are fabulous the way we are and if you have a problem with that then, excuse you.

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